Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today's Painting and A Decision Has Been Made

Gossamer Light
               Pastel on Suede Mat Board 5 x 7      $75

I have made a decision. Since this is my 3rd new painting started and completed  in a day and the other two are lily pond paintings, I realized something is happening here and I like it.....So-o-o-o(pause and gulp) lily ponds it is. I am now committed to this theme until I've completed 25, you thought I was going to say 100 didn't you? Nope it's 25 buttttttttttt at the end of 25 my contract with myself is 1. renewable, 2. null and void  or 3. You out there tell me what you think. Do I go on, do I change the subject matter or what. Now don't expect a newly created work each day, day after day. Instead for now I will paint a new lily pond piece when I can but you can expect to see another painting  from my inventory or a just completed painting from a work in progress daily.
Today you see two works. Gossamer Light done today and Dancing Lights featured in my very first blog. Dancing Light is an example of one of my lily pond paintings in large format. I'm very proud  of it. It won 4th place  in The Pastel Society Society of The West Coast's  national exhibition and it put me into signature member status.  Question...What makes a successful painting? Is it because it sold ? Does it have to win an award?

Dancing Lights
19 x 25
Pastel on Canson Mi Tentas Paper


  1. Hi Anita,
    you ask: Question...What makes a successful painting? Is it because it sold ? Does it have to win an award?...I don't paint but I do ask the same question regarding my Spirit Figures. What makes them successful? Awards are good, having people pay to take them home is wonderful..but I can't judge my figures success by those two standard alone...I have many figures that are wonderful but have yet to be seen by the right juror or art buyer...So, for me success means a figure that takes me on a journey, lifting me up as I work on it...puts me in the zone of creativity that I love so much....and yes, speaks to someone else even if it isn't taken home.
    Glad you're on a creative spree...hug, hug

  2. It seems as if we think along the same lines.
    Hugs back.

  3. Ah...success, the elusive success...what is it? Is our true success gauged by others or by us? I guess it depends who you are. You know inside when you have just completed a successful painting; it just plain feels so good. Award, money or not.... it simply doesn't matter. You know if you reached that place. "To be noticed" kind of success is the domain of the ego. That is the one we try to tame for it really can taint the real purpose of creating.
    Beautiful paintings. Have fun with your new series. i will be sure to check in and see.

  4. Loriann, What you say rings true and clear. At least to me it does.
    Thank you for your input. I've been following your blog almost since I started my blog a short while ago. I love your paintings. You have defintiely inspired me.