Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First of Daily Painting, What Do You Think? .....Also Last Nights Preview Show For Sierra Art Trails

Gossamer Pond II
                                             7 x 7                                             
For sale $75 plus $7.00 shippingU.S.
O.K. so here's the thing. I've started to explor other artist's blogsites. Many of you are doing this one painting a day theme with amazing results. At first I thought "this is overwhelming", I couldn't possibly do this plus everything else that's going on in my life right now. This was on Friday. That evening I grabbed a small piece of suede matboard , said to myself what the heck and started in. This will be a challange. But I'm going to do something on this order ( I can't believe I just that, yikes, scary). Anyway, I'm hooked. Maybe I should call my site A painting a Day ( maybe yes, maybe no) this artist has been known to exaggerate. So here it is. While I'm painting more realistic but still impressionistic work, I found with my first peace a freeing up and I like that. Perhaps painting these small ones along with my larger works in progress I have reached a sort of balance. Painting in both styles each day (hopefully each day) takes away some of the artistic frustration  I experience. I invite comments please.
Sierra Art Trails Preview Reception
That's me with my entry. ( oops my bra strap is showing)
So last night my husband and I attented the preview kick off show for Sierra Art Trails  artists open studio weekend event coming up on Oct 3rd and 4th. Actually this is on its way to becoming a national attraction, (check out Sunset Magazine ).  Lots of people, artists and patrons. Great jazz band, good food, great show. 


  1. Hello Anita,
    Beaultifull artwork in pastel !!and your blog visinting forever!
    A hung.

  2. Thank you Carla, looks like we are mutual admirers.

  3. Anita, What do I think?? I think you are on your way to a fun and exciting adventure that will change your art in ways you cannot even imagine today. It's great fun, give it a go!

  4. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I think you make great pastels.

  5. Hi Anita,
    So you have the art-a-day bug...I love the little piece, but of course I love everything you do.
    The Trails reception was fun indeed..wish we'd had more time to chat...did Bruce and Michael ever find one another?
    hug, hug