Friday, September 25, 2009

My Day At The Gallery and A Little Sideline About Oakhurst

Pond Currents
16 x 20
             Pastel on Suede Mat Board               $900

I worked at Timberline Gallery today in the town of Oakhurst about 27 miles from where I live. Oakhurst is about 20 miles from the South entrance to Yosemite National Park. It's a lovely and charming place. It has  three traffic signals, two markets , a Kaiser Clinic among a couple of other medical facilities and lots of wonderful small stores. Oakhurst lost it's only department store recently  which was a very sad day for most of us, anyway back to the good stuff, Oakhurst has beautiful views all around it. Mountain views of course . Oakhurst didn't get electricity until the 40s I'm told. Lots of wonderful history here. Anyway I do diverge, I was telling you all this to wet your appetite because for me the best part of the town is the art, we have have some amazing galleries. Timbeline Gallery is one of them. Timberline sits in Gallery Row along with three other fabulous galleries. If you're ever in Yosemite, you must stop in Oakhurst and check it out. Maybe I'll be there when you stop by. I'de love to meet you.
The painting I picked to feature today "Pond Currents", one of my lily favorite lily pond paintings, is currently hanging there. Actually this painting is an award winner and was featured in The Pastel Journal. For this painting I took a small section of the pond located in the Techatchapi Mountains and went macro with it. My inspiration for this painting was the textures and patterns created by the breeze hitting the water's surface. I hope you enjoy it.

Oakhurst  and Mountain view from Timberline Galley


  1. Dear Anita, I've returned again to look at your beautiful blog. I am particularly fond of your pond series. Best to you this weekend with the open studio event.

  2. Thanks Susan. Appreciate your kind words.